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The Widgets on Pages Plugin for WordPress allows you to add a sidebar area to a page or post so that you can display widgets within the page content.

You need to add the widgets to the “Widgets on Pages” widget area (sidebar) and then add the shortcode

[widgets_on_pages id=x]

to your page or post content where you’d like the widget(s) to be displayed. The ID to use is the number of the sidebar which you’d like to insert.

As of 0.0.4 release the number of sidebars which can be defined is unlimited and each of these can be called independently using the id argument.

The sidebars can also be named (as of version 0.0.6) and these names can be used instead of the numerical id field. You can therefore call the sidebar you may have named TagCloud using the shortcode

[widgets_on_pages id=TagCloud]


So we are looking for ideas and requests on how the plugin can be improved even further. If you feel you have an feature that could be inlcuded in the Widgets on Pages plugin then please contact us.

As of the time of writing the roadmap is empty… thanks to the recent launch of the 0.0.6 version which ticked a couple of items off

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