Responsive TwentyTen

Responsive TwentyTen is a WordPress plugin to enhance site’s using WordPress’ default Twenty Ten theme one that is responsive and fluid. This means that the site will adapt it’s layout based on the screen size being used to give the most optimum user experience The plugin allows your is ideal if some of your site’s users/readers may be accessing it via their smartphone (e.g. Android or iPhone) or if they’re are using a device such as an iPad or tablet.

Responsive TwentyTen on an iPhone

Responsive TwentyTen on an iPhone

The plugin essentially enables you to have a WordPress child theme. The reason for this being released as a plugin and not strict child theme is that the theme directory does not (at present at least) support the hosting of child themes. Be sure though that once this is supported then our pluign will be superseded by a properly formatted child theme.

To enable your site to have a responsive TwentyTen theme you will need to already be using the default TwentyTen theme and then install and activate our plugin.

The TwentyTen theme can be downloaded from the theme directory and the Responsive TwentyTen plugin can be downloaded from the plugin directory.