Widgets on Pages v0.0.6

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the 0.0.6 version of the WordPress plugin Widgets on Pages.

The latest version allows the user to name their Widgets on Pages sidebars and use these names in the posts and pages. This gives the user a much more explanatory route to adding WordPress widgets (via sidebars) into pages and posts on their blog and/or website.

Widgets on Pages option page

Widgets on Pages option page

The new version also gives the user an extra helping hand in getting started in adding widgets into WordPress posts by showing the required shortcode (that bit of text that adds the sidebar to the post) in the sidebar’s description.

Setting up Widgets on Pages sidebar

Setting up Widgets on Pages sidebar

We hope that you all find this plugin useful and again we appreciate all feedback including feature requests for future versions.

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10 Responses to “Widgets on Pages v0.0.6”

tom says:

ONG i was looking for something like this to maybe make a page with my tag cloud or ratings who knows the possibilities are endless! Thanks and nice work.

Massa P says:

After activating:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare register_mysettings() (previously declared in /home/fruity/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-youtube-lyte/options.php:10) in /home/fruity/public_html/wp-content/plugins/widgets-on-pages/widgets_on_pages.php on line 45

I guess that means it doesn’t play well with the excellent WP YouTube Lyte plugin…

Todd Halfpenny says:

Hey Massa,

Thanks for the feedback. And yes it looks like the author of the YouTube Lyte plugin are using the same name for one of our functions.

I will resolve this in the next release… in the meantime if you replace the occurrences (there are 2) of “register_mysettings” with “register_wop_settings” then this should help.

Let me know if you’re still having issues.

frank says:

guess I better change the name of the function in wp-youtube-lyte as well to avoid similar “collisions” with other plugins :-)

Tony Soprano says:

I’m curious how I can place the shortcode into a page template or my index.php page? I’ve tried using


But it gets interpreted as regular text.

Is that possible with this plugin? (Using WordPress 3.0)

Todd Halfpenny says:

@Tony, what you’re seeing here is the difference between template tags and shortcodes. Also sadly at the moment the widgets on pages plugin does not provide the functionality you’re after (though it’s a good idea and a string contender for the next release.
In the short term you should google for something like “adding sidebars to a wordpress theme” and you should see some good tutorials/examples which can help.

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