Widgets on Pages – Dirty Hack for Multiple Sidebars

I recently had requests to update the Widgets on Pages wordpress plugin to allow for multiple sidebars to be defined. This was is certainly on our roadmap for the plugin but at present we just don’t have the time. So instead I’m gonna post some code which will let you adapt the plugin in it’s current state to cope with more. This is by no means the best way forward as ideally the number of widget areas should be dynamic… and that is the reason we are not updating the plugin ourselves to adopt this methodology.

UPDATE:: OK, so curse of the coder fell upon us… and we did make the update to the plugin to allow additional sidebars to be defined. The newest version of the plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org.

The new version allows for up to 5 sidebars to be defined via the settings menu. There is one default widget area so this can be used out of the box. Each sidebar can be called independently via a shortcode by supplying an id=x argument to the shortcode.

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